Monday, March 29, 2010

What a Weekend & Week To Come........

Everyone was right even though I couldn't see it last week I saw it Friday night when I was feeding B dinner; he has his first tooth coming in on the bottom & it is making my usually happy go lucky boy pretty fussy & have the worst poops ever. He would go from this (you can't tell from the picture but he is gnawing away on this paci)........

to a second flat! He would whine & cry for a few minutes & then he would get distracted by a toy & be fine again; I have to admit that I love that his teething has made him want to cuddle with his momma!!

B really was in a good mood even though I could tell that he was in pain & all in all we had a great weekend. We actually got to go for a walk outside both Saturday & Sunday & all I can say is B loves to be outside; he seemed to be taking it all in while we walked.

We sat in the backyard & play with the pups for a good while both days too!! The dogs loved that we came outside with them to play & Brayden loved to watch Bella run after the ball when I would throw it; he would giggle every time :)

In house news we are closing on the 31st at noon & I couldn't be more ready for it; I thought the house was a mess last week but this weekend we pulled everything out of the attic & put in in the garage & packed up almost everything that was left! There are boxes & decorations everywhere & I can't wait to start moving stuff over after we sign on Wednesday. I am going to start moving over what I can on Wednesday evening & all day Thursday while Lance is working & then the movers come on Friday for the big stuff........B's 8 month birthday is this Saturday & he will be waking up in our new house for the 1st time!!!

Song of the Day: Beth Hart - LA Song