Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekend Recap

My weekend started on Friday since I was off work to spend time with Brayden & it just so happened that Lance's day off fell on Friday as well so we went house shopping.......that's right we are hopefully moving very soon!!! This is the house that we found & LOVE so I will post this one picture & but I am not going to talk about it until we know something just in case I jinx us; if I could ask though will you all to cross your fingers & pray for us about this house.......THANK YOU!!

Anyway, we were out looking at houses early that morning & B was a trooper all day he was packed up & ready in his seat with Sophie in tow & we were good to go!! We took a break to go have lunch with Lance's parents & then we went shopping to get B some new clothes since his 6 months don't fit him anymore.......can't believe my baby boy is wearing 9 month clothes, but he is!

Poor baby was so tired after his big day I set him on our bed while I changed clothes & he passed out.......

Lance ran out while he was napping & I was cleaning up to get Brayden his new bath & all I can say is B loves this darn duck. He just likes to sit & chill in it & screamed that night when I took him out!

Saturday Lance had to work & B & I went to the Stone Mountain Big Apple Circus with his cousins, JuJu & PaPa.......it didn't go over very well once it started so B spent the day with his PaPa walking around for a bit & then in the car napping; maybe next year will be better!!

Sunday we had lunch for Sonny's (Lance's father)retirement; we went to Olive Garden with that whole side of the family & other than the fact that it was 150 degrees in the resturant it was nice to see everyone!

When we got home I was ready to relax but had to make B's food for the week so I got busy in the kitchen while the boys played; Lance thought it would be funny to see what B thought about him sucking on one of his binky's & as you can see Brayden knows what is his :)

This is my baby boy bending himself in half to get a toy rather than try to crawl to get!!

All in all we had a great weekend but it sure was a busy one........I have to play catch up on sleep this week for sure!!

Song of the Day - Kris Allen Live Like We're Dying