Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Weekend, My Weekend

I just said that in my head like Julia Roberts says "my reception, my reception" in Steel Magnolias.....I love that movie & watch it every time I see it on!!

Anyway, my weekend started on Friday since I was off from work to spend the day with little man & to try to start packing this house up; it is going to be a very long process to say the least!! We got up, got Lance off to work & then we were off to run to the dry cleaners, grocery store & to get B some more 9 month pants (did I post that he weighed in at 18 lbs. 13 oz. when I took him to the doctor last week??). We got home just in time for B's bottle & nap; while he napped I packed!! Everything was great for a while & then the day turned into this.........
I am not sure what happened (maybe teeth) but he fell apart for the rest of the afternoon. Unless I was up walking he was crying & fussing; thankfully Lance's mom & dad came over for a while that evening to play & help!!

Saturday Lance had to work so Brayden & I only ran out once throughout the day & then the rest of the day we just stayed home playing & having a good time. I wanted to be home just in case the day turned out like the one before & it did but not as bad. I know that fussing is normal for a 7.5 month old child but not him; he is generally so happy all the time. I mean even when he had that horrible cold he was smiling & laughing so this is just different for him. I think it might be his teeth coming in but he won't let me in his mouth to look so I really can't say for sure. He is pulling his ears & has been for about 2 weeks now which is why I took him to the doctor but he had no ear infection so the doctor said that some kids pull on their ears when their teeth come in; all I know is my baby boy is unhappy so momma is unhappy :)

Sunday we took Lance's mom & dad over to see the new house (his mom had already seen it but his dad hadn't) then did lunch & went to look at living room furniture again. It was a great day & even with the time change Brayden stayed on schedule & was a happy boy all day......he even STTN Sunday night. I would give that a woo hoo but it was a fluke last night was awful & he was up on & off from 11:30 on; I wish at that late/early hour he could tell me what hurts so that I could help him & make whatever the issue is go away! My poor baby was so grumpy this morning & he yelled at me from the time he got up until the time I dropped him off at school!!

Song of the Day: Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow