Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We will be closing on our new house this Friday & I couldn't be more excited about it!! I now have more on my plate than I thought I would ever have but it is all worth it & since I am not sleeping when Brayden is crying at night anyway I will just use that time to get some packing done! We are closing Friday at 1 so we will be getting the keys....WOO HOO.....& then we are having the house cleaned on Saturday morning & then movers will be at our house bright & early Sunday morning to get the big stuff moved!

We are having the house professional cleaned because it has been sitting since the builder went bankrupt & just needs a deep cleaning & I had to admit to myself & to hubbs that I just did not have time to do it before Sunday.....no way was it even possible!! So the house will be cleaned by Saturday afternoon & my mother in law is going to come watch B while I start taking stuff over (& she is taking him for the night as well & I am not looking forward to that AT ALL); some stuff we just feel more comfortable moving ourselves BUT more over we don't want to have to pay anymore than we have too for the movers time on Sunday!!

I am taking off Monday & Tuesday of next week as well as Friday this week to hopefully get everything pretty much where it goes. I can't believe we are moving into our dream home this weekend; I just want to scream I am so excited!!

Here is our non-sleeping little man!! I love him so much & he is going to love growing up in our new house!!

He has learned that he loves the camera too........loves to grab & reach for it ALL THE TIME!!

Song of the Day: Josh Turner - Why Don't We Just Dance (this is so funny)