Thursday, March 4, 2010

More 7 Months

This is how B started off his 7 month birthday; he looked cute & was yelling at our boxer, Bella.......

This is what he looked like when I got to school to pick him up yesterday; he has a cold so he spit up mucous all day & on all his spare clothes. I had to walk him to the car in this onsie, a hat & wrapped in a blanket.....can I just say I felt like a failure as a mom on this walk of shame!! Today his diaper bag has 2 full sets of clothes down to spare socks just in case he has another bad spit up day (I have a call in to the pediatrician too to see if I should bring him in).

It is becoming harder & harder to get him to look at the camera; he would rather look at the always moving dogs, his hands, feet, a shadow, his dad.......he would rather look at anything other than the damn flashing thing that mommy is holding all the time!

I was so happy that I finally got a picture of B with both dogs but looking at it now it seems that they might have had this planned out......Bella you block mom so I can get the kids ears!!

Georgia LOVES to clean ears!!

This is B clapping; he loves to clap & does it all the time......he tried to get his hands together but it just seems to end up that he claps his belly more than his hands!

He is in size 4 diapers, 9 month clothes, eats almost all fruits & veggies (still HATES green beans) & will be trying chicken for the 1st time this weekend. He is getting the hang of holding & drinking from his sippy cup & bottle & loves to play with his spoon after he has finished eating; he gets it to his mouth but he & the kitchen would be a mess if I tried to let him feed himself :) He hasn't had much interest in crawling but loves to play on his belly so we are just waiting for that to come; we are also waiting for his teeth! At this point he doesn't have any & other than the drool & can't see that any are even threatening popping out. His favorite time of the day is still bath time & that makes his mommy & daddy happy because we are hoping that he will love the pool & lake this summer!! He is NOT STTN; however as of last night we are changing some things & we are hoping that will change VERY soon!!

I would have to say that our son is a tiny piece of God's perfection & we love him more & more everyday!