Monday, May 18, 2009

29 Week Photos & Weekend Review

So these pictures have made me realize the fact that my face is getting bigger....fatter....I just love it!!
We had a really nice weekend over all. Lance was off Friday, Saturday & Sunday & that only happens once a month so I always love it. Friday we just relaxed at home with dinner & movies; Lance made tacos (YUMMY..) & we watched "Taken" & the beginning of "Benjamin Button" but by the time we were half way through the 2nd movie I was sleeping so we finished it on Saturday afternoon. Lance had to go get his allergy shot Saturday morning so I went out & ran errands. When we both got back to the house we just relaxed & took a nap & then had to get ready for our friends 41st birthday was a lot of fun.

Then on Sunday we ran errands, went to the mall & then picked up Brayden's mattress, changing table pad & decided on his crib bedding. Hope fully his dresser will arrive this week & when it does I will be able to clean up his room & take pictures of his room almost all done....HOPEFULLY!! Sunday night we had dinner with my MIL & Mr. & Mrs. Paul & I had the best Salmon that I have had in quite a while & we ate at Longhorn.....I usually eat steak but have not really been in the mood for red meat; especially when I would have to eat it well done & I like my filet to be medium rare. It was a wonderful day, Lance & I laughed & giggled all day & we haven't had a day like that in quite some time! Hopefully the up coming holiday weekend will be nice & sunny & we can go enjoy the lake...God knows I need some sun on this pale body!!