Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy The Weekend Is Finally Here....

I am so happy that it is Friday & that Lance is off all weekend....he gets one 3 day weekend a month & it is nice to see him when I am actually coherent, usually he gets home around 8:30pm & I am either sleeping or half asleep waiting for him. He says that he is going to get the shelves hung in Brayden's room today & also get some stuff to help organize our bathroom with Brayden's bathing stuff.....he says that he is going to get this stuff done today while I am working & I hope that he does....I love to walk in to the house & see new stuff for our little boy. I am still struggling with the crying stuff & am hoping that it will soon pass & my mood will improve, although watching shows like Grey's Anatomy last night didn't help much at all.

Our weekend agenda looks to be pretty relaxing so far, we have a friends birthday party tomorrow night & then hopefully we can have a relaxing day at the lake on Sunday if the weather holds.....this pale body really needs some sun :)