Saturday, May 30, 2009

So We Had A Bit Of A Scare Yesterday.....

I had been having braxton hicks contractions for a while now & thought nothing about it but on Thursday I was feeling them a bit more often so I started to get a bit worried but Brayden was moving as normal so I just figured that I would rest on Thursday night & feel better Friday morning....well I couldn't sleep on Friday night because I couldn't get comfortable & I was worried about Brayden & the damn braxton hicks contractions. So, I woke up at 3 on Friday morning & just decided to get ready & go into work....I hadn't really felt much movement & was still having what I thought were braxton hicks contractions pretty often but drank some water & seemed to feel better! As the day went on I was getting more & more worried so I called the doctor & they said that I should come in just to be on the safe side but they thought that everything was going to be fine. I got to the doctor's office & did the normal pee in a cup routine & then waited so very impatiently for the nurse to call me back. Once she did she did the normal weight, blood pressure & temp & then I was getting ready to follow her to a room BUT she said "come over here & lets hook you up & monitor that baby boy of yours" so my stomach dropped a bit & I got really nervous but she hooked me up to this machine that monitored Brayden's heartbeat & any contractions that I might have as well & then I had to click this button to do my fetal kick counts.....IT WAS SUCH A RELIEF TO HERE HIS HEARTBEAT!! His heartbeat was normal & was the best sound I had ever heard but I was having REAL contractions not braxton hicks so after being monitored for about 45 minutes the doctor came in & said that we needed to check my cervix & see if I am in pre-term labor. My thoughts & mind went crazy....was this really happening?? Was Brayden going to be born 8.5 weeks premature?? Was he going to alright if he really was coming right then?? I manage to walk into the room & get undressed & just sat there waiting for the doctor for what seemed like an hour but she came in & checked & I was not dilated at all & he was at -3 station so everything was good with him & he was NOT going to be born yesterday. The doctor wanted to give me a shot to stop the contractions & I was hooked back up to the monitor to make sure that they really did stop. THANK GOD they did stop & we are doing better today......NO CONTRACTIONS at all last night or today! The doctor is running some tests to see what the issue is but says that it could have been all because I was the hell am I dehydrated?? All I drink is water & milk & I drink a ton of it every single day!!

Anyway, we are fine & that is all that matters....our baby boy is healthy!! Thank you god for watching our us yesterday....thank you, thank you, thank you!!