Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

I guess I should start with my doctor's appointment on Thursday afternoon....it went as so well. I am not going to have to have a scheduled c-section because my placenta has moved completely out of the way & that was the best news that I could have received that day but then the appointment got better because we got new pictures of Baby Brayden & I swear from the ultrasound pictures he is going to look just like his daddy. He has his facial features already!!
He apparently loves to play with his little feet; he was doing it the whole time they were checking his lung growth progress & it was so adorable! His lungs & heart look so good that we don't have to go back to the specialist anymore...WOO HOO!!! That night my family came in from Virginia for my 1st baby shower; they got here about 6 that night & we just relaxed & Lance & I made them our famous steak, chicken & shrimp fajitas....it was so nice to have everyone for a visit!

Mom & I got up on Friday morning & went to my normal 28 week check up appointment & she was so excited to hear Brayden's heartbeat; of course she cried which in turn made me cry but it was so awesome to have her there! I also had my 1 hour glucose test that day & past it with flying colors; I am a bit anemic but don't have to take the supplements which I am happy about I just have to eat more iron enriched foods! Also, I didn't gain any weight so the doctor gave me a bit of a funny look about that but I just told her I cut out my snacking since I was given a hard time about too much weight the last time....I mean really make up your damn minds people....it is so frustrating!! Anyway we were going to head to the lake that day but the weather was gross so we just did some running around & watched movies all day.

Saturday was the big day....My 1st Baby Shower!!! I had such a wonderful time & Brayden got soooo much stuff. I do have to say that our house seemed to get really small once we brought everything in from the cars. I have a few pictures posted here but haven't downloaded them all so I will post the more later.

Sunday was mother's day & it was such a wonderful day. I got flowers & cards for my mom & sister & put them in their rooms before they got there so they could enjoy them while they were in town & Lance got me a big balloon, card, flowers & a cute teddy bear for my mommy to be day! I know that some don't really celebrate the day yet but I already feel like a mom to Baby Brayden so I am happy that Lance celebrated that with me.

I got up that morning & made a big breakfast for everyone before they had to get on the road & then once they got packed up & headed up Lance & I got ready & headed up to the lake for a nice relaxing day. It was so beautiful & the lake has filled up so much (the drought last year really affected the lakes water level). We only stayed up there a few hours because we were exhausted from the weekend but it was such a good time! We got home showered & relaxed the rest of the night....of course it was belly picture night so here is what I am looking like these days!!