Friday, May 29, 2009

Only 2 More Months.....

We have so much to do & I now feel like so little time to get it done in! We are waiting to buy a bunch of stuff that we still need until after the couples shower that my boss is throwing for us on June 27th...but it is really getting hard to wait!! I want to get our stroller & car seat so that I can get it in the car & checked by the fire department; I want to get some more of our bedding but we have registered for that as well.....I know that it is best to wait so that we can spend the money on the things that we really need but it is getting harder & harder to do so.

In non-Brayden related news - I am so happy that it is Friday; it has only been a 4 day work week but it has been a long one. I am finding that it is harder to concentrate at work & I really need to buckle down because I have to get everything ready to go for while I am out on maternity leave. I have to type out every singe thing that I do & as I am starting to do it I am realizing how much I really do & how I haven't received a raise in 2 years because of the economic issues (that's another post for another day though!!)! We did meet yesterday to talk about having daycare here at the office which would be very ideal for Lance & I since Lance doesn't want the baby in a "real" daycare until he is older..........SO if the at work daycare doesn't work out then I have to talk to my bosses about them letting me work from home until Brayden gets older & I just hope that they go for it because if they don't I will have to resign & I don't want that as I am sure they don't either!! I have a ton of research to do this weekend about at work day care (if anyone knows anything about this your help & input would be very appreciated) not to mention the fact that my weekends have become very busy in general trying to get everything ready for Brayden's arrival so looks like I am going to have another busy & tiring weekend. Thank god that Brayden is in there kicking the crap out of me reminding that everything that I am doing is COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!