Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Review....

Our weekend was nice but not really that eventful.....Friday night I got home & was so sleepy so I just relaxed & did some laundry while I waited for Lance to get home & then he had to work on Saturday as usual so I did the normal stuff; cleaned the house (which seems to take forever now because I have to deep clean everything & I mean everything) & I also ran errands so by the time I was done it was about 5 in the evening so I jumped in the shower & when Lance got home we went to dinner.....Kani House!! All I can say about this place is yummy; it is the best Japanese hibachi place that we have found!! Then we went home & watched the UFC fights on pay per view; these fights are brutal but we love it & WOO HOO Matt Hughes won!!! Anyway so we watched that & then I fell asleep on the sofa & Lance left me there because he said that I looked comfy....not the case at all I woke up at 3 (on a Sunday no less) with a crick in my neck & my back killing me so needless to say I was up for the day. I started to watch the weather channel hoping that Sunday would be beautiful & we could get out on the lake but it was saying that there were going to be thunderstorms all day so we decide that we will drive up to Helen that afternoon & see Lance's dad & step mom & have dinner with them.....on the drive up at about 12:30 the sun was shining & we were pissed!!

Let me back track a bit to Sunday mornings incident; I woke up early & wasn't in the best of moods but I was also having a really emotional morning as well & then while I was making breakfast Lance said something about the eggs that I was cooking & I just lost it! I had to walk away from him & go & take a bath to try to calm down....I was crying that hard! Lance is a wonderful husband & there is no way that he could help the fact that he had to work a lot of late nights last week, but I felt lonely, ugly, sad....& whatever else you can think of, so when he turned his nose up at my eggs it just all came out. I stormed off & he stormed out of the house so then I cried even more it was crazy. When he got back to the house he didn't really say much to me he just started shaving & getting ready so that we could get on the road to Helen....I didn't even want to go at that point so I just sat on the sofa & watched TV. He came out from getting ready & sat beside me & just held me & said he was sorry....he just held me & I just cried & cried & told him everything I was feeling & to actually get all my stresses & fears out was really great & I felt a lot better; I just can't believe that it all came out like that! Anyway after my breakdown we make sexy time & all was good; especially since it had been sooooo long!!

So we had dinner with his dad, step mom, sister & her family & while we were driving home we started talking about needing more room that my 4 Runner had to offer. We have 2 dogs that need a bunch of room & then Brayden & all of his stuff.....we just needed a bigger vehicle so we started going over our options. We talked about a Tahoe, expedition, mini van (BOO), & the Flex. I decided to go with the Flex because the other cars are like driving tanks to me. I do have to say it is awesome having family in the car business because we got the Ford Flex on Monday & I love it!!

We got up Monday morning & again checked the weather & it said it was going to be a crappy day again (& it was actually raining outside so we thought NO LAKE) so Lance went to work for his Monday morning meeting & I got in the shower so we could go test drive some cars. We decided to go to Ford & see his mom & dad & see what was available & of course about an hour after we are there the sun starts to shine & it turns out to be a really beautiful day.....damn weather!! Anyway, I drove the flex & fell in love with it but of course buying a car isn't that easy so then it was the decision of what features do we want...what color outside & inside should we choose..BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. We finally made our decision & they found a one that we loved & just had to go pick it up so here it is.....

It has everything that I could ever want in it!! leather, sync, the back opens with the touch of a button (so I can just throw the stroller in it & go), 3 rows of seating, heated seats.....it is so awesome & I love it, love it, love it!!!