Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brayden's Dresser Is In Stock......

it has been ordered & should be shipped to us within 2 days!! I hope that this one arrives with no issues or damage...but the UPS lady is mad at us so we will have to call the office again to double check that nothing happens to the dresser because of her. I had previously posted that the UPS lady that dropped the damaged dresser off (we think that she damaged it because she could not lift it off her truck) at our house left a note on our door requesting that we be there when she comes to pick it up because she needed our help getting it back on her truck.....1st of all that is not our responsibility to help her do her job, 2nd we work between the hours of 11-3 & 3rd if she can not lift heavy packages with out damaging them the why is she working for UPS?? Anyway, we left the damaged dresser on the porch as the note said to do & Lance had already called the UPS office & told them that we would not be there so please make sure that the person coming to pick it up knew that & brought help.....she apparently did not get the message or if she did disregarded our attempt to warn her because we had a note on our door from her that said "THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE & FOR YOUR HELP!!!".....we were pissed off to say the least about this nasty note so again we had to call UPS & they are going to talk to her about it; BUT as I am sure anyone would be, we are afraid that she will mess up the dresser that we just re ordered this morning!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives with no damage & that she has help that day on her delivery route!

It is sad that we have to worry like this especially since all we are asking of the UPS delivery service is for them to do there job!!