Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ready For Thursday!!

I know that most people say that they are ready for Friday but my parents & sisters get here on Thursday & I can't wait to see them. They haven't seen me since Christmas so a lot has changed since then. They are coming for my baby shower that my SIL is throwing for me.....I am so excited to celebrate Brayden with all of our family, PLUS who doesn't love presents especially little ones for a precious little boy?? I have been really good & have not checked my registry since the invites went out since I really do want to be surprised but I do have to admit that I have been tempted a few times :)

Yesterday was such a hard day for me; I was emotional & upset about everything that happened all day. It didn't help that Lance is planning a bachelor party for our good friend Matt & the stripper word was mentioned & got me all fired up. I swear I do NOT understand this "right of passage" that men think they deserve to take before they get married. Personally I would never go to my soon to be husband & tell him that I am going to look at naked men before we get married. I am not knocking anyone that did do that, I am just stating my opinion for my relationship. I am not thrilled by the fact that it looks like they are choosing to rent a house boat at the lake for a whole weekend instead of just going out for a night like normal people & then to hear that they might have strippers come to that houseboat makes me really upset.....the girls that come to you house or hotel are a totally different type of "stripper" to me they are hookers because for just a bit more money they do A LOT more. I think that it is very disrespectful of all of these men not just my husband to think that this is alright; maybe some don't want to be a part of the stripper part but who will say that out loud & get hazed by the ones that do.....I don't know. What I do know though is I don't want out hard earned money going towards (pardon me) my husband seeing some strange woman's tits & ass! I have told Lance how I feel about the whole thing & he asked me for a solution & I really don't have one. This is not Lance's bachelor party & Lance didn't bring up getting the strippers another guy that is coming did so what is Lance supposed to say??

I think that certain situations you might put yourself in can only end badly & I think that this is one of those situations for sure! I hate this feeling & just want it to go away...what do I do??