Monday, June 1, 2009

Goodson Weekend Review....

Well after the scare on Friday I swore to myself that from here on out I would take it Saturday morning I tried to sleep in & that didn't work but i made myself lay on the sofa until 6:30 when I had to wake up Lance so that he could get ready for work & then I got ready as well & left the house when he did to run to the grocery store, dry cleaner, Walmart (didn't want to go here but the dogs needed food) & then I was home bound for the rest of the day. When I got home I cleaned the house & started the laundry & then decided that because it was nice outside & hadn't been able to in so long I was going to lay out & get some sun on this ohhh so pale body of mine!! I debated in my head whether I would go down to the pool or just lay out in the back yard & I choose our back yard.....I wanted to get some sun on my belly & thought that the sight of me in a 2 piece might scare the young children so back yard it was. It was hot & the whole time I was thinking the damn contractions are going to come back if I stay out too long since it was soooo damn hot so I went in at the hour mark, but I got some color & am happy with it! Then I showered & actually laid down on the sofa & managed to fall asleep & take a nap!! I was actually in shock that I fell asleep & it was nice to rest. I woke up to my phone ringing & Lance's wonderful voice asking if he could take "his beautiful wife" (he must be in need of glasses) to dinner & who am I to turn down dinner that I don't have to cook so I got up & got ready & then waited for him to get home from his long day at work.

Hubby got home changed & we were out the door & I was starving...but we didn't go straight to dinner we actually went & looked for a new sofa & then went to dinner & discussed what we had found that we liked. We ate at Red Lobster & it was so good, especially the dessert that Lance ordered for me while I was in the bathroom. It was a huge warm chocolate chip cookie that had melted chocolate in the middle & then vanilla ice cream on top; I should not have eaten as much of it as I did but I couldn't stop myself!! We left dinner went home & I fell asleep about an hour later.....what ever was in the shot they gave me to stop the contractions on Friday really wiped me out!!

Sunday I woke up at 5 & I guess that my inability to sleep has rubbed off on Lance because he was already up & had his day going. He had been in the garage doing manly things & the sun wasn't even up yet. We got on the computer for a bit & looked at some more sofas & also at the ones we went & looked at on Saturday night again. After that we got dressed & went to the only store that we knew of that was open that early on a Sunday morning.....WALMART! We needed to pick up a few things & miraculously we found curtains for Brayden's room there. We have been looking everywhere for them (we were having the hardest time finding the right Georgia red colored curtains) but what do you know Walmart had them. I am so excited & actually have to go home & iron them tonight so that Lance can get them hung (pictures to come). After we left Walmart we went through the Hardee's drive through & I was so proud of myself...I didn't order anything for me!! I decided that it was too fattening & had too much salt in it so I decided to eat a bowl of cereal w/fresh strawberries instead!! I had been thinking about being dehydrated & was thinking that all the salt that I have been eating probably did not help my dehydration issue so I am cutting salt out as much as I possible can.

Anyway, we got home & Lance did some more stuff in the garage & out back & I just relaxed, sat on the sofa & finally finished "What To Expect While Expecting" & I felt like I had accomplished a great feet & then I looked at the other 3 books that I need to finish before I go into labor & Brayden's arrival; I am getting there slowly though. Lance & I had to get in the shower & get ready for family lunch by this time so we got ready & headed out to go celebrate Caleb, Glenn, & Jeffery's birthday's. We ate Japanese hibachi & again was proud of myself.....I only had 5 bites of the fried rice (I had to have some of it, I couldn't resist) & then left the rest sitting there on my plate & I ordered Salmon which was really good & ate all of mine & Lance's veggies. After lunch we went back to my MIL's house for cake.....& can I say I LOVE CAKE, I know that we were really there to celebrate Caleb's 9th birthday but I was there for the cake just as much I think!!

After cake & presents we headed to the house....but were talking on the way home & ended up stopping at 3 more sofa places just to look at what they had. After the 3rd place I had had it & I was really getting tired so we went home & then made our decision on the sofa purchase. We are NOT going to spend the money on a new sofa set...our sectional sofa is awesome & is only 2.5 years old & not to mention we paid a pretty penny for it so I am going to re stuff the cushions & then we will have it professionally cleaned & it should be as good as least I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is like new since I convinced Lance that would be the best thing for us right now :)