Tuesday, June 30, 2009

36 Week Doctor Appt....TAKE 2

Sooooo, I had to go back to the doctor today because the lab messed up my Strep B test & I thought that all I would have to do is go back to a room & get the swab done again & be done with it all. That is apparently not how Kaiser works...I had to do the appointment over!! I had to pee in the cup, get on the scale, temp., blood pressure, & then the swab again & while down there she asked if I wanted my cervix checked. Of course I said why not & I am glad that I did; NOT that it is anything to do a back flip over but I am 75% effaced & in -1 station which is a change from yesterdays 40% & -3 station. I am not dilated but feel like I have made some sort of progress & at this point that is good news.......she told me to continue my nightly walks & try swimming as well to help with getting some pain free exercise. When I was leaving today the doctor said "see you next week, if you make it until then", is there something she is not telling me or do they just start saying that at this point in pregnancy?? Anyway, I am happy with the small progress that I have made & just hope that at my 37 week appt. next Monday there is a bit more.