Tuesday, June 30, 2009

36 Weeks Along

Brayden Lance Goodson – 36 Weeks Old Today & We Can’t Wait To Meet Him!!!
Brayden has added another one-half pound and now weighs nearly 6 pounds, measures almost 19 inches in length, and is almost ready to check out of "Hotel Mom." Brayden has moved downward into your pelvic cavity; hopefully headfirst. Space is getting cramped; Brayden’s growth slows down considerably from now on. This month baby's weight increase will be about 25% only. For example baby will weigh about 6lbs and measure about 21 in from crown to rump at the start of the month (currently) but by the time you deliver, his weight and length will be 7.5lbs. This applies to an average sized baby; some babies will be smaller and others bigger. Around this time your baby is still growing and there should be no problem if it is born any time from now on. The lungs are maturing, a process which will continue after the birth. Since it is less roomy in the uterus, your baby cannot move much so you are unlikely to feel as many kicks and elbows. You may notice your "belly" seems to have dropped and may seem slightly smaller. That's because your baby has dropped lower in your pelvis, relieving some of the pressure on your abdomen. While he may still move around a bit in the weeks to come, generally he'll settle comfortably in the lower part of your uterus. In the meantime, Brayden’s brain tissue continues to develop, and finally, the lungs and respiratory system are nearing maturity.

Your Body This Week
Well, there's no getting around it--you're feeling like you're carrying a beach ball! Driving will become more difficult, as will sitting in the front seat of a vehicle; going up and down stairs will start to feel like climbing a mountain! Even though you have a few weeks to go, your weight may stabilize around this time, so you won't get much larger. Stay off your feet as much as possible to minimize swelling and cramping, and rest when you can. You will probably visit your health care provider on a weekly basis now--a sign that the delivery day is drawing near. Although your appointments will be frequent, they'll also be short; bring a list of any questions you have, particularly about labor and delivery.

How far along? 36 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 28 lbs as of yesterday - I lost 3 lbs some how (probably water weight)
Maternity clothes? yep
Stretch marks? none yet but I feel like I am stretching more now than ever before
Sleep: same as usual; sleeping about a good 2 hours & then I toss & turn - HORRIBLE nightmares last night (I actually woke up crying)
Best moment this week: we had another baby shower. It as thrown by my bosses & their gift to Lance & I was a nursery beside my office so that I can bring Brayden to work with me!!! WOO HOO, NO DAYCARE!
Movement: All the time; it still amazes me.
Food cravings: actually my appetite is slowing down quite a bit, BUT I want fruit all day everyday (so at least it is something good for me)
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: I have contractions daily
Belly Button in or out? out; really out by the end of the day
What I miss: being able to walk & exercise with out blowing up like a balloon
What I am looking forward to: We are doing our hospital tour this Thursday & we are (finally) having a good friend take some maternity photos this weekend, plus I get a 3 day weekend for the 4th!!
Weekly Wisdom: rest, rest, rest
Milestones: getting our car seat & stroller; when we went to BRU to get them I actually cried. Can't believe he will be here soon.