Friday, June 19, 2009

WOO HOO it is FRIDAY!!!!

I am so happy that today is Friday; each work week seems to be getting longer & longer & I get more & more unfocused. I can only seem to focus when it comes to stuff at the house or about the baby.....I love it but I have so much that I need to be doing here at work to get ready for maternity leave. I have been informed that the bosses wife is going to be filling in for me while I am out & I am NOT thrilled about this at all. I love her & she is a very sweet woman (they are throwing Lance & I a shower next weekend) BUT sweet doesn't mean that she will do a good job doing my job. I just know that I am going to come back to a complete disaster......I guess that is if I come back at all. I have to talk to our owner about working from home after Brayden's arrival. I have done all the research on u shaving a daycare here at work but there are just not enough people with young kids for it to be worth the upstart cost. I dread this conversation & feel like I need to have it with the owner as soon as possible but should I do it before or after the shower they are throwing us??

I am going to a little girls 1st birthday party tomorrow & I am so excited about it. It seems like yesterday her Nana (I work with & love this woman to death) was telling us that her daughter was pregnant.......I am also excited because I get to go shopping & I always love to do that; the only thing is what does a 1 year old little girl want for her birthday??

Sunday I hope that we will get to head up to the lake for the day; we don't have to many more weekend that we will be able to enjoy the boat & I want to make the most of the ones we do have left. Only 39 days until my due date & my excitement, fear & emotions are one complete overload for sure!!