Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Review....

Friday night I stopped after work to get my nails & toes done & it was WONDERFUL!! I love to have someone rub my feet & pamper me. The ladies at my nail place are always so sweet & tell me how good I am looking however this time while she was rubbing my feet she commented on how swollen they were.....I know that they are swollen & but I can't really control that so just rub my chubby feet & hush up about it!! I got home, feed the pups & then did some stuff around the house & finally sat down around 8 & then Lance got home about 8:30 & we talked for a but & then I was asleep.

Saturday I woke up in a wonderfully crappy mood for some reason & took it all out on Lance. Nothing he said was going to change my mood & I had so much to do that I just wanted him to stop trying to make me feel better....I realized that I was not being a good & loving wife so I called him and told him I was sorry & just couldn't shake my crappy mood & he was so sweet & loving & told me that it was alright & that he loved me no matter how bitchy I was to him; he said that he knew I didn't mean it & that I was probably just tired & needed to rest so with all of his sweetness I started to cry because I had been so mean to him.....I was a mess that morning. I had to get in the shower & get moving though because I was heading to a 1 year old birthday party!! On the way there I managed to get in a better mood (since it was in Canton, GA which is about an hour away & I had nothing but time to clear my head) & I had such a good time!! Peyton is such a sweet & adorable little girl.....& being at her birthday party made me even more excited about Brayden's arrival!! Here are some of the pictures that I took.....

After the party I headed home & wanted for Lance to get home since we were going to go run some errands & go to dinner that night.....we ran to Rooms to Go Outlet to look for a new ottoman for the living room since the dogs had destroyed the one we had & plus the one we had was way to big & with all the baby stuff about to be put in the living room we just needed something smaller.....RTG had nothing so we heading back towards the house & stopped at Best Buy because Lance wanted to get a Garmin for my car. He was very nervous with me driving so far earlier that day & not really knowing where I was going or at for that fact. We stopped & had dinner at Kani House (our favorite Japanese hibachi restaurant) & then headed home. Lance watch the Ultimate Fighter finale & I played with the Garmin & our video camera that we got a few weeks back & dozed off on the sofa as usual!

I got up on Sunday really early as usual....4:30 in the AM....and got myself settled into the sofa, read & watched TV to pass time until I could make Lance his Father's Day breakfast in bed. He woke up & read his cards; he got one from me, one from the pups & one from Brayden
& then for breakfast I made him bacon, egg & cheese biscuits with fresh fruit & ice cold chocolate milk & then we got up & started to get ready to go up to the lake. We got the car packed up & headed to the store for a few things before we headed up to the boat (this was around 9 & it was already very hot & humid); as we were walking back to the car Lance made the decision that it was way too hot for Brayden & I to be out in the heat so we were NOT going to be going to the lake. I was alright with the decision he made since with the heat index it was going to be 102 & that is pretty needless to say we headed back home changed clothes & laid around for a while & then got up & went to lunch & to the movies.....we saw "The Hangover" & it was hilarious, I haven't laughed at a movie like that in quite a while. We ate...or should I say I ate, popcorn with lots of butter & peanut M&M's while we watched the movie BUT I did have a bottled water to drink so no sugar or caffeine there!!! We left the mall & headed to TJ Maxx Home Goods store...MY FAVORITE STORE, to see if they had any ottomans & they did. We found our new living room ottoman there & it looks & matches our colors perfectly!!

When we got home we started to watch our baby video. We purchased "Laugh & Learn About Childbirth"; it is a childbirth class on video.....I know that it is not the same thing as being in an actual class but with Lance's work schedule we couldn't get to one so we found this video so that we at least know the basics. We watched 2 of the 4 classes on the 1st DVD & they were actually very informative & Lance & I both learned a lot. We have 6 more classes to watch & each one is about 40 minutes long so I think the plan is to do one a night!! It is so cute to watch Lance's face when the lady on the video is talking about some of the stuff that I haven't really talked to him about "vaginal discharge", that sparked his curiosity & he just had to ask me if I had, had that happening yet......the conversation was hilarious & we really enjoyed watching the classes. Can't wait until tonight's video, I believe it is the LABOR class & should really start to get into what we can expect with a natural vaginal birth....we'll see how Lance handles it.