Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today Is Not A Good Day.....

& it is only 7am. I am feeling very emotionally overwhelmed & just want to curl up in a ball & cry. Can we just skip the rest of this week & this weekend so that I don't have to deal with Lance going to this stupid bachelor party? I am 32 weeks pregnant & can't deal with the fact that my husband is going to be on a house boat & that there are strippers (hookers if you ask me, if they will come to a house boat for $800 what will they do for just a little more money?) coming to said house boat......I feel fat & unattractive & it has been forever since he & I have been intimate so how I am supposed to be OK with the fact that these to women are going to be naked in front of him for a hour.....RIGHT, cause the emotionally imbalanced pregnant lady can handle this right now. WHY do men feel that tits & ass are appropriate for their "last hurrah"?? What is wrong with your future wife tits & it that scary to think they are going to be the last ones you see??

Damn it all to hell I just want to sleep through the rest of this whole damn week & weekend.....OH WAIT I don't sleep so that makes everything even better!! This is going to be a great week/weekend; thank goodness I have an appointment on Friday & will get to hear Brayden's heartbeat because that will make me happy for sure!!