Friday, June 5, 2009

Brayden's Georgia Bulldog Nursery...So Far!!

We still have a bunch of stuff to do like put up his ceiling fan, get his bumper for his crib (we are waiting to see what we get at our couple's shower on the 27th), get his comforter measured so that they can sew it to fit the crib correctly. Lance is working on Brayden's book shelf (painting & adding his monogram), and the list goes on & on & on but I finally feel like we are at least getting there. Last night Lance put up all the shelves & I absolutely love them!! Here are a few pictures....

Lance found this light switch & just had to have it....

Excuse the pile of books hidden behind the I said we are making progress but still have things to do!

We don't know if this is what will stay on top of his dresser but we know for sure that lamp will...LOVE IT!!

His crib is going to look so cute once it is completed.

I love his whole room & can't wait for our little lovebug to be born & make it complete.