Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Doctor Appt. Update...

Lance & I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon at 4:30 to check everything because of the contractions that I was having on Friday & everything is still good. I have not progressed at all & Brayden is a happy little camper in there....WOO HOO!! I got hooked up to the monitors again & Lance got to hear his baby boys heart rate & see just how much Brayden doesn't like things to be on my belly. When they hooked me up Brayden started kicking the monitors; he got himself so worked up in there that he got the hiccups. Lance came over & started to rub my belly & talk to Brayden to try to calm him down & it just brought tears to my eyes; Brayden did calm down at the sound of his daddy's voice, it was amazing. Lance is going to be a wonderful father & although Brayden needs to stay in my belly a while longer we just can't wait to meet him........Brayden is a blessing & we thank god every second of everyday for Brayden!!

We talked to the doctor about why this is happening & what we can do to not have it happen any more, we also told the doctor about the medicine making me really sick & me not taking it past Saturday & she said that, that was just fine & it does make some women really sick but not to worry about taking it anymore. She really didn't seem to concerned if it happened again & she said that she could prescribe something else but would rather me keep my body as drug free as possible (which I really appreciated because I have tried very hard to not take anything through my whole pregnancy); she said that Brayden is fine & if he was born right now that he would be perfectly fine. His lungs do need to develop more yes that is true but since I am not dilating at all she thinks that they will be fully developed by the time he arrives. She was choosing her words very well but she seemed to be saying that he will come early.....only time will tell I guess. Lance & I feel good about the appointment & we know that he will come when he is ready BUT he needs to wait a bit longer. Patience is not one of Lance or I's strong suites so Brayden comes by this naturally but for now we are not going to worry & I am just going to take it easy & try to rest as much as possible; that is not easy for me but I am going to try!!