Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hubby Saves The Day...

I have been selfishly wanting him to say that he would not go to this damn bachelor party because it made me so uneasy & unhappy BUT I knew it was something very unfair of me to expect. But leave it up to my hubby to fix it in his own way! Lance just called me & told me that he had a surprise for me....could it be he is not going to go to the boat on Saturday night at all?? Nope he is still going but he has rented a camp ground near where the house boat is going to be parked so that he can have his truck parked there & also so that he can leave when the "entertainment" gets there to come home & tuck me in & then he will return to the boat after they have done their thing & are long gone!! I love my husband & appreciate the fact that he took my feelings into consideration & solved the issue in such a brilliant way!!

I love you are my world!!