Saturday, December 4, 2010

18 Weeks & 16 Months.......

All I can say is WOW; both the boys are growing so fast!!  With Brayden I am a bit sad because as each day passes my baby boy disappears more & more but with Colton he gets stronger & stronger........CRAZY!!!  I feel like time is flying by this pregnancy & with Brayden it just dragged!!  I have to get my bootie in gear after the holidays & get Colton's room going because I feel like he will be here before we know it!

~Pregnancy Highlights~
Due Date: May 6, 2011
Total weight gain: 8.5 lbs.
Morning Sickness: none
Cravings: Mexican food & sweets
Sleep: more please; thank you........
I can't live without: Water
I miss: sleep; I am really getting run down but it doesn't seem to matter.........I am still up every morning no later than 4am
I am looking forward to: decorating the nursery
Milestones: feeling movement on a daily basis
Exercise: not this past week; I have been to tired & have had WAY to much to do with the holidays & the baby shower we are hosting this weekend
Diet: See it & Eat it........the holidays are tough on this pregnant woman
Movement: YES & loving it
Gender: Boy; Colton Lee Goodson
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Shots:

~Brayden 16 Month Highlights~
I always say that I am going to keep up with what has changed from month to month as I notice it but never do so let's see what my pregnant & exhausted butt can remember........

Brayden is so smart; he understand more than he says.  If we ask him for OR to do something he completely gets it.

He is talking up a storm & his vocabulary & sign language are ever growing; we still have trouble understand all of what he says says he still speaks some "babble" but we understand a good bit.

He has found his temper & this I am not happy about.  He mostly gets it when he is playing & has pooped & doesn't want me to change him so he throws a huge too do.  He has just recently started to hit & pull my hair while he is on his changing table & I am trying to put a stop to that quickly (any suggestions would be greatly appreciated).

He is still in size 4 diapers & in 18 month clothes.  I feel as though he has had a major growth spurt though & his 18 month pants are almost getting to short.......someone needs to make long & lean clothes for kids because if I have to put him in 24 month pants the waists are going to be WAY to big.

He has about 4-5 teeth coming in right now; I think that 2 have finally popped through on the bottom but he doesn't let me in there very often so I am not for sure.

He loves to wash his hands & brush his teeth & everytime we go upstairs to play he runs straight for his bathroom.

He is still an amazing little eater & has gone back to eating veggies but he has slowed down on how much he eats & now hates sweet potatoes which he used to love.......I think it might be his teeth bothering him though.

He still get his binky at nap & bed & I NEED to just stop it all together; I keep saying I am going to do it but I just haven't.  Did you guys take your kids away cold turkey or is there a trick?

He is staying up until 7:30pm now so the next step is 8pm; he is still not sleeping in later on a regular basis but we are getting there!!

He is a precious angel & even on his "bad" days he is still an amazing happy & joyous little boy.  He gives the best hugs & kisses that a parent could ever ask for though & melts my heart daily with just one look!!  I just took random pictures yesterday since he was a bit grumpy so here are his 16 months pictures.............

(I think I have a shoe addiction)

He does go straight for the tree when we are upstairs but is pretty good about just touching it & not pulling ornaments off.