Friday, December 10, 2010

Final Christmas Decor....

I have finished our mantel & so now our house is completely decorated on the inside; we were going to do the outside but we would have to buy everything & I am just not going to do that this year.  I am actually going to stock up on new stuff for next year at this year after Christmas I know but I am learning very quickly how to make our pennies last & last & last!!!

And here is our mantel; I love the way it turned out; although I would have liked to have found better stocking hangers these will do just fine! I am actually trying to find the perfect stockings & stocking hangers both for next year; I have always wanted to have personalized family stockings so the search is on & next year that is what we will have!! 

We have a stockings for everyone in the family (including the pups) & Lance & I laugh that only 3 years ago we had only we have 6!!

Another Kohl's find; I can't wait for the boys to get older & actually put surprises in it for them!! 

Bella, Me & Colton 

Brayden, Lance & Georgia 

I love this tree...........we found it at Cracker Barrel of all places! 

Here is the wonderful door hanger that I got at Kohl's (I had Kohl's cash because I shopped on Black Friday so it was my favorite kind of purchase...........FREE!!!)

While at Kohl's I got this little snowman family as well..........I know that one of the kids has a bow on it's head so you would think it is a girl BUT I say that it is a bow tie on the top snow baby so that makes it a boy (also a FREE Kohl's cash find)!!

And finally here is our front door wreath; this was hung before but I forgot all about taking a photo of it!

What do you think of everything???  If you have personalized stockings where did you get them & do you also have special stocking hangers??