Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful.........

So this mommy had to find something for her outside loving little man to do when it is to cold to go outside!  So this is what we came up with; move my car out of the garage & into the drive way, turn on a heater in the garage & move his swing/slide in there, bundle him up (because even with the heater it is chilly) & let him play for as long as he wants too!!

I caught him staring out the window into the back yard the other day & couldn't figure out what he was looking at until I sat there for a minute looking myself...........he could see his slide but didn't understand why he could go out & play on it so I fixed problem that the best way I could.  He still goes to the back door wanting to go play throughout the day & every time I let the dogs in or out he is right there hoping I let him go too but the wind is always whipping & has only been about 40 degrees at the highest so until I find him a snow suit (any suggestions would be wonderful; all I can seem to find is 12 months & smaller) it is garage play time!!

He is in his pajamas in these pictures; like I said here I have been under the weather so we have been enjoying lazy days in jammies & comfy clothes!!

By the way I am LOVING my new camera & just love the clarity & sharpness I am getting with each photo I take.  I am learning more & more about it with each day that passes but also know that once I start classes in January that things will really get better.  I mean look at this little face...........I know that I have a very handsome model but I think the photos are pretty good too (for a beginner)!!