Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve & More.........

Christmas was an amazingly perfect day; the only thing that would have made it better would have been to have my family here too (it will happen one year...........I promise you that!!).

I have so much to post so I think I will spread it out over a few posts; I am going to start with Christmas Eve.  We all put on our new Christmas pajama's & snuggled in for the afternoon/night after Lance got home from work around 3.  We played for a while & then decided to do out 1st ever Goodson family gingerbread house; I actually don't think that I have ever done one myself so I was pretty excited.  Let me just say it is not that easy to do; the icing that they supply sucks & is really hard to get on the darn house but we made the most of it & B really enjoyed it..........over the years we will perfect it I guess!!  Lance & I put the icing on the roof & then we let B put on the candy; he really just wanted to eat it all but really had a great time doing it & did manage to get it slightly decorated.  He was not ready to be done when we were finished & pitched quite a little fit about it BUT in his defense he wasn't (& still isn't) 100%........neither of us are.

We ate an amazing dinner together (which we NEVER get to do) & then after B was off to bed it was time to get everything ready & wait for Santa to get here!!  Lance & I suck & after I made all of those yummy cookies we forgot to have B set them out for the big guy............BIG FAIL!!  Thankfully Santa came anyway; it must have been because I remembered really late & got up to go set them out with some milk.  Everything looked perfect for Christmas morning & B couldn't have been more shocked when he came out of his room Christmas morning & saw all the toys by the tree!

Oh yeah & earlier in the day Colton got a special delivery; his 1st ever!!  His Grams & Puddy read his mind & they just knew how much he was craving chocolate covered strawberries & sent him some from Shari's Berries (OK Colton told me he wanted them & I posted about it on FB).  If you have never had these strawberries you are really missing out & must order some soon.