Thursday, December 23, 2010


Mine are killing me these days!!  I feel like it is B's first Christmas with all of the tears (all happy) that I have shed about the upcoming holiday; I feel like I am bawling more this year than I did last year & I am blaming it on the hormones of course but I really don't think that, that is what it is.

I don't think that I have ever felt so happy, blessed, or complete in my life.  When I was little I of course dreamed of having an amazingly wonderful husband & then of course have children soon there after but that was something that I just thought all women wanted & I thought that I was no different that anyone else.  In wanting all of this I never knew was what an honor it was going to be to be called "wife & mother".  What a great feeling of joy it would be to find the right man & to become his take his name & to become Mrs. R. Lance Goodson.  What I never knew was how overwhelmingly wonderful (this isn't even a good enough word to describe how I feel about being a mom) it would be to bare a child with him let alone two.

I love my family more than I could ever put into words & just thank God for honoring me & letting me be a wife & mother to them........all 5 of them (my pups are my babies too).  Don't get me wrong I may have bad days where I have had no sleep or very little sleep & Lance & I may fight or have our moments but that is all they are is moments.............none of these moments can take away from the big picture & grand scheme of our lives.

This Christmas is the 1st of so many that will bring tears to my eyes, that I am sure of!!  Make your holidays & regular days count; make each day that you have with the ones you love count & matter.  Make sure that they know just how much you value & love them...........they are what makes life truly rich & worth it!!

These two are to peas in a pod & I wouldn't have it any other way..........

& this little guy has no idea just how much he is loved already!!!