Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've Got The Spirit........

My Christmas spirit & cheer are overflowing; I am more excited this year than I have been in years past!  Don't get me wrong I have always loved the holidays, ALWAYS!!  I love that it means family get togethers, lots of delicious food, presents & of course (& most importantly) celebrating the birth of Jesus but this year having a very active 1 year old running around, a new little guy moving & grooving in my belly, my wonderfully loving husband by my side & our 2 wild pups has made me value & appreciate the holiday & everything in general even more!!

I feel so unbelievably blessed & overwhelmed with joy that I feel like I might just explode; I will admit that my pregnancy hormones still get the best of me here & there but overall it is peace, love & joy for me (as corny as that sounds).

We have almost completely decorated the house; what do you think of what we have done so far??  I have to get new stocking hangers for the pups stockings because we have somehow lost them but once I have the new ones I will show you our mantel too.

Downstairs Tree

Dining Room 

 Coffee Table

End Tables

TV Stand 

Living Room 

Table Behind the Sofa (a candle for each of our children) 

Kitchen Table & Kitchen 

Downstairs Bathroom 

And Our Tree........... 

How is your decorating going & do you have the Christmas Spirit yet or are you a "Bah Hum Bug"??