Monday, December 13, 2010

So Colorful........

I have been working with our little guy on his coloring & flash card skills on a daily basis here lately & have a do I stop a 16 month old little boy from eating the darn crayons??

He will start off just fine & color very well........

And then it happens; I go to take a sip of my pumpkin spice decaf coffee & there it goes, straight into his mouth!  He bits the tips off the crayons almost every time!! 

And chews & swallows; I know that they are non-toxic but still. 

I have tried putting him in toddler jail but it doesn't work so I am asking you guys for some advise.
(I was just kidding about toddler jail; he was just watching the TV on the stairs in that photo)

I know that the small amount of the crayon that he is eating won't hurt him & he will soon poop it all out (it is going to be one colorful poop) but any suggestions that you might have to stopping this would be wonderful.