Wednesday, December 15, 2010


B has all of a sudden (the past 1.5 months) decided that changing his diaper interrupts his play time & doesn't want me to ever change him & what makes this worse is he he rolls, kicks, tries to hit & pulls my hair in an effort to not have me change is wonderful really!!  With all of this happening we have moved his changing pad to the floor & off of the dresser & after the holidays I am going to finally redo the wall above the dresser & decorate the top.

I am not sure of the sudden change in him when it comes to getting is diaper changed & he is slowly learning that his behavior is "not nice" but it is very unsettling to see his temper flare like that & over something that is over so quickly.  I hope this is not a sign of things to come as far as his little attitude but I guess we shall see what the future holds right??  He only does the hitting, kicking & hair pulling at diaper changes & is usually so loving & huggy so maybe he just doesn't want to be interrupted while playing.....who knows I guess I am just happy that it is getting better & he is understanding when I am saying that "hitting is not nice" & "no no".