Friday, December 24, 2010


Why did I have to wake up this morning to snot running across my right??  I have finally caught the damn cold that I have been feeling coming & fighting off for almost 2 weeks & of course it has to be that it comes full force on Christmas Eve.  If this cold thinks that it is going to get the best of me it has another thing coming!!  Christmas will not be ruined because I can't breathe, can barely talk & because every time I swallow it feels like I am swallowing razorblades; I am just hoping that B wakes up feeling better than he did yesterday!!

He has also been fighting off a slight cold & yesterday his nose & eyes were both running & watering like crazy.  The good thing is neither one of us has a fever & I am just hoping & praying that we do not develop one as the day goes on.  Lance gets off today at noon & we really only have one thing planned so hopefully we will have a restful & lazy day together.  We are going to start our Gingerbread House tradition & that should be interesting to say the almost 17 month playing with icing & candy is going to awesome (I will of course post pictures)!!!

On a happier note; they are saying that it is going to snow here in GA tomorrow!!  I am trying not to get my hopes up but to have a white Christmas would be a dream come true for me............I have always wanted to have one & I think that B would really enjoy it too!!!

I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas Eve!!!