Sunday, December 5, 2010

Little Lumber Jack.........

That is what I think of when I see our little guy in this stinking cute huh??

B spent all day yesterday & last night at his JuJu's so that I could prepare & cook for the couples baby shower that we are hosting today & I miss him SO MUCH!!!!  This is of course the longest I have ever been away from him & I don't think that I will be able to do it ever again.  I feel lost with out hearing the womb noise coming from the monitor, lost with out the bright light of the screen from the monitor.  Yesterday while I was doing stuff in the kitchen I kept looking around in the living room for him & would freak out for a second when I couldn't see being away from your little one ever easy or does it always feel like this???

Here he is rearranging my Tupperware the way he likes it............all over the kitchen!!