Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"The Head"

Some kids carry around a stuffed animal or a wooby their whole life & I always wonder what made that one thing so special??  Well,  we wonder that on a daily basis with our pup Georgia because she has had this "head" since we flew her in from Arkansas.  It was a toy that we picked up at Petsmart before she arrived to us at 6 weeks old & once we gave it to her she never let it go.  It is old, has holes & is stinky (she sleeps with it in her mouth EVERY night); I have to sneak it when she is up during the day just to wash it & repair the holes so the stuffing that is left in it remains in it.  We have tried to find another one or find something like it but she has never taken to anything other than "the head".

She kneads it like a cat when she gets into her bed at night & has never really taken it out of her bed until recently & now brings it with her to other rooms but only upstairs; "the head" is never downstairs I guess if we are down stairs she doesn't need it for some reason.............I guess??  "The head" has to travel if we travel & she HAS to have it every night before going to bed or she won't sleep; it is sad but I know this because it got lost some how one night & she was up ALL NIGHT just walking around.  Thankfully I found it the next morning & she slept that whole day away with it; I think Bella hid it to be funny!!

It is precious that a 70 pound English Bulldog can be such a big baby but that is truly what she is.........our 1st baby!!