Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day.......

We headed over to Lance's parents house Christmas morning so that B could get a good nap & then wake up & get dressed as everyone was arriving.  When we first got to B's JuJu & PaPa's house he of course always has to walk down to the creek for a spit or two so we bundled him up & away he & PaPa went!

He had a great nap but as always he just wanted to go outside & couldn't understand that it was too cold so he was a bit of a sour puss for a bit. 

He started to come around after we took him up to the play room for some alone time with me & daddy! 

We went down stairs & ate & then Uncle J read him a good book! 

Then it was present time............. 

He did better here but still didn't have much interest in the gifts after only one or two & he had several so Lance again got to open a ton of gifts that day!! 

B got his 1st real golf club; a putter........... 

He had a break down after a while due to the fact that he was hot & thirsty........... 

After a very large juice cup & the removal of his sweater he was back in action but a bit sleepy. 

His cousin Caleb picked this present out for him & he LOVES it!!! 

I didn't know it at the time but everyone was crowding around for a special gift.........Lance's baby brother & his wife are expecting their 1st little one!!!  They are due 2 months after we are & we are so excited & happy for them!!! 

All the grand kids.........I can't get over the fact that next year there are going to be not 1 but 2 more in this photo! 

Brayden just ran around the rest of the afternoon; he laughed, fussed, smiled, giggled, hugged, kissed, ate & did just about everything he likes to do.  It was such a wonderful time & I am so happy that he really enjoyed being around all the family; I was afraid that he would be a bit afraid because of the amount of people there but not this little guy!!

Brayden made out like a fat cat; between what he had already gotten at his early Christmas with my parents, what we got him & what he got from JuJu, PaPa, Aunt's & Uncle's I think that we might need a bigger house!!  I have so much organizing to get done & I really don't have any idea where it is all going to go.

We headed home about 6 & had to drive in the SNOW...........that's right Georgia had a white Christmas; my 1st one ever (more on that in the next post)!!