Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Weekend Review......

Where to begin with this very long weekend.....Friday I was off of work, THANK GOD, & spent the day running errands & cleaning since we were once again planning on going to the lake. Well, Lance had been under the weather all week & was going to go to the doctor on his off day (which was Thursday) but was feeling better so didn't....ended up going Friday evening & he has bronchitis & had to get 3 shots so that he wouldn't be contagious in only 12 hours & not the normal time it takes pill antibiotics to kick in. We decided to take it easy Friday night & see how he felt Saturday morning before making any 4th of July plans. Well, Lance got some cough medicine that was supposed to help his cough & also help him sleep BUT this medicine had the exact opposite effect on him. He was up until about 3:30 in the morning doing stuff around the house because he was restless & couldn't sleep; it was crazy!! I got up finally about 4 & went out & sat & talked to him on the sofa trying to get him to close his eyes for a while. He finally dosed off about 5:30 but was up a ready to go at 7 so we started to do stuff around the house & in Brayden's room.

We had to hang Brayden's ceiling fan (which looks awesome) & get his room cleaned & organized....we had stuff all over the floor from the days/weeks past. Once we were done in the baby's room I took the dogs for a walk & Lance started doing stuff out in the yard. I was still amazed at how much energy he had on so little sleep!! I got back from walking the dogs & made us something to eat & we continued to clean up around the house.....THEN the phone rang about 11:30 & it was Lance's brother telling us that his mom was on her way to the hospital in the ambulance with chest pains!! Lance threw the phone we threw on some clothes, put the pups in their crates & we were out the door & on our way to the hospital! I know that Lance was just in a hurry to see his mom but I swear the nauseous feeling that I had earlier that morning (don't know why, but I felt like I was going to throw up all morning) got really bad due to his driving. He was all over the road & speeding like a crazy man!! Finally, we arrive at the hospital & Lance gets out of the car & asks if I am alright....I am not & he finally slows down for a minute to look at me & sees how white I am & grabs my hand & helps m in the ER & to a chair. He tells his brother to keep an eye on me & goes up to the receptionist desk to get a pass to go back & see his mom; once he has his pas she came back over to check on me & I tell him to just go check on mom. If he would have stood in front of me much longer I would have lost it on him.....I know that sounds bad but I felt so sick & it was his driving that made me that way even though I understood why he was driving crazy I was still upset with him! Anyway, he comes out from the back of the ER about 5 minutes later & says that mom wants to see me & again asks if I am alright.....I of course tell him I am fine & then go back & see mom. She is so pale & but tells me that she is having side pain NOT CHEST PAINS!! Damn his brother, I know that she is still in the ER & we didn't have any idea what was wrong with her but chest pains is a lot more scary than her side hurting. Anyway, I told her that it was a good thing that she was at Emory Eastside because after the ride there I might be going into labor & she was at the hospital I was going to deliver at......that made her cry & laugh all at the same time. Lance's dad finally got there & the doctors were running some tests so we waited for all the results to come back & come to find out she was constipated (so they say). We were all in shock, she was in so much pain that she was in tears & it was all because she was "full of shit" as Lance's dad so humorously put it but they said that all of her blood work came back normal & her cat scan was normal as well but it showed her bowel was really full!! We got her all checked out & everyone headed home about 6 that night. I had a horrible headache & Lance was feeling really crappy too so we just went home & crashed...Happy 4th to us.

Thankfully, Lance slept really well Saturday night but woke up Sunday about 9:30 (which is late for us)feeling worse than he did Friday or Saturday & I woke up at about 5 Sunday morning because my head was still pounding (& still is); so needless to say we rescheduled our maternity photos again & just laid around the house all day yesterday. It was a good day to do nothing since it was raining outside but I was disappointed about the pictures being rescheduled again; we are going to do them on Wednesday evening....hopefully!! We called to check on Lance's mom around 10 & they ambulance had already been out there that morning because she was in so much pain again & it made her hyperventilate & have have a panic attack. They gave her a shot & calmed her down but did not take her back to the hospital.....we called her all day & we were going to go see her but she told us to rest & that she was feeling better (& I guess she is because she is at work today).

Lance got to sleep in this morning so I hope that he is feeling better & I have my 37week doctor appointment today & will be talking to them about my headache but it is probably just from the stressful weekend we had. Brayden is FULL TERM as of tomorrow so I am really hoping for a good progress report at the doctor's today!!!