Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Bump Post Today....Why Do People Have To Comment Like This??

I put the following post on "The Bump" this is just a vent of my frustrations.......

Patience is a virtue.....(vent)

says who?? Why give me a 40 week due date if when it comes you are going to let it go by? I know, I know it is not an exact science BUT damn it I am so ready to meet & hold our son & I am so done with being pregnant!! I have had an amazing & wonderful pregnancy so I shouldn't really complain but about 2 weeks ago I started to feel like I had been hit by a car so I am just over it! We will be admitted to the hospital on Monday night to begin softening my cervix & then Tuesday morning (I will be exactly 41 weeks) they will begin the induction!!

Come on little buddy momma doesn't want them to have to use all of those nasty drugs to get to join the outside world, PLEASE for momma come out, come out where ever you are

This is what one person replied.....

... a little selfish. Just saying.

How am I being selfish?? Where the hell do people get off?? I am over my due date & want to hold my son in my arms & not in my is that selfish? How long should I carry him before it is NOT SO SELFISH for me to want to hold him in my arms?
Is it so horrible for me to voice the fact that I am tired & just want to give birth? I don't know why I let this woman's comment bother me so much but it has!!

This was my reply to her reply:

You are entitled to your opinion but until you are in my shoes on this one keep it to yourself....just saying!!