Tuesday, July 28, 2009

40 Weeks & No Progress.

Just got back from our doctor's appointment & I am still not dilated.....NOT AT ALL!! They did an ultrasound & hooked me up to the monitor for a bit & Brayden is doing awesome & he is a healthy little boy so that is great, amazing, wonderful; so why do I feel so sad & upset?? It is so very hard to describe how I am feeling at this very moment; I am of course with out a doubt happy that our son is VERY healthy & thriving in my belly but I am so tired & ready to have him in my arms that I started to cry when there was nothing . I don't think I would say that I am disappointed but in a way I am; I have an appointment on Friday to check & see how things are going & then if still nothing I am scheduled to go to the hospital on Monday night to begin ripening my cervix & then start pitocin on Tuesday morning. All along I have known that things could change & my birth plan was just that a plan not a given....just like your due date is a guesstimation BUT I mean really why give it if it means you can go to 41 or 42...just give me the damn 42 week date & tell me that is the day..........

I am done complaining; Brayden is healthy & there is still a chance he could come before the induction date so maybe my birth plan will still hold true. All we can do is wait right????