Friday, July 3, 2009

Hospital Tour & Puppy Training!!

Last night we went to Emory Eastside for our hospital your & it was so emotional for me. I can't believe that Brayden is going to be here so soon & I am so ready for his arrival & can't hold back the tears most of the time when I think about it. I am driving my car around with the car seat in it all ready to go & just want to look back & see Brayden in it all safe & sound!

Anyway, we did our tour & we love the rooms & the hospital is beautiful but we have to talk to the doctor about a few things that we were told. 1st, if I have to have an emergency c-section NO ONE can be in the room with me; ARE THEY CRAZY?? Of course I am not going to want to be alone & Lance sure as hell isn't alright with waiting in the hallway while he son is being born & his wife is having surgery!! And 2nd, we were told that there can only be Lance & one other person in the L&D room...well the doctor can pick which mom can be there because I am not going to tell either one of our moms that they can't be there to watch their grandson being born. Other than those 2 main things there are just a few small things we have to talk to our doctor about on my 37 week appointment Monday. After the tour we went to Applebee's for dinner & I ate way to much & made myself get a stomach ache which really sucked & not to mention Lance has a summer cold & should have gone to the doctor yesterday since he was off but he was out running errands & doing stuff around the house all day so didn't make it there, so now he has to go after work today....poor thing, men can be such baby's when they get funny!!

At our vet & doctor's suggestions we have purchased a baby doll that cries & makes all kinds of baby noises so that we can prepare Georgia & Bella for Brayden's arrival. We put a diaper on it so that it will smell like Brayden will a bit & Lance is going to bring home a blanket from the hospital that Brayden has been wrapped in after his birth & wrap the baby doll in it so that they will really know his scent when he comes home.
At first I was afraid that they weren't going to understand or calm down but after a few days they are starting to understand that they have to be gentle around us while we are holding the baby. They are also getting used to the noises that the swing & baby both make.
Georgia really doesn't seem to be bothered by any of the noises at all anymore BUT Bella, on the other hand, gets nervous when the baby cries. She looks at the baby & then me & then the baby & then me again all while she is whining. She looks at me & it is like she is telling to to help the baby. Her face is so sweet & I really think that she knows that the baby doll is unhappy. I know that sounds weird but I know my baby girl very well & I think that she is going to watch Brayden like a hawk & always make sure that he is OK. I know that they will love him very much & realize that they have to be careful around him but I am really happy that we are doing this prior to Brayden homecoming.

This is them looking at me while I am holding the baby doll & it is crying.....