Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Doctor Appt. Update

There has been no change from last week; I still have not dilated at all but am 75% effected & he is in -1 station. My midwife saw that I was a bit upset by the lack of dilation & told me not to let it get me down....she told me what I already knew; she reminded me that she could have said I was at 3 cm & that I could have walked around like that for weeks too so not to get upset. She said I could just be one of those women that it happens too overnight. I know all of that I just wanted to hear that there was something going on down there :) Oh well, I guess Brayden is happy in there so there is where he will stay until he is good & ready & that is good with Lance & I......doesn't that sound believable??

I went home after my appointment; I should have come back to work but Lance was off & I wanted to spend sometime with him & it was so nice. We just relaxed at the house; we did have to do the bills but even that was OK with me since I was with him. I have become very clingy to Lance the past few days (more than normal). I have always loved to be near him & spend time with him but it seems that the last few days I have felt like I NEEDED to be right next to him; he is loving it though so we are just enjoying it :)