Thursday, July 9, 2009

FINALLY Maternity Pictures Have Been Taken.....

So our friend Jenn came over last night & we finally took our photos & now I am just waiting for her to send them to me so I can pick them apart. I wanted to have them taken because I want to have them to show Brayden one day but I just don't feel very attractive these days even though I finally got some loving from my amazing hubby last night.....Woo Hoo!! I have missed Lance's touch & just being close to him like that was perfect & just what the doctor ordered for my mood; however this morning I woke up & am the most swollen I have ever been. I forced my rings on & now I am wondering if that was a mistake; what if I can't get them off?? I am wondering if I am swollen due to the large amount of Wild West Shrimp that I scarfed down at Longhorn's last night after the pictures.....maybe, maybe not we will never really know for sure. But I do know that they were so good & maybe even worth it!!