Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nesting Is AWESOME.....Other Things Are NOT so Amesome!!

I got home last night & had this huge burst of energy which means I got so much done cleaning wise around the house & I love it. At this rate I might actually get to enjoy my Saturday & not have to worry about too much cleaning!! I washed all of Brayden's bibs & burp clothes, got them organized in their drawer in the kitchen, did a load of laundry, vacuumed, dusted, made dinner for us, cooked & packed our lunches for today, & scrubbed the crap out of our shower & bath tub & then even took the pups for a nice long walk....well long for Georgia, poor bulldog can't walk but so far. I am hoping that I have the same burst tonight so that I can get the things done that I didn't get to last night....WOO HOO for nesting!!

In other baby related news.....
I didn't sleep well at all which is normal these days but at about 1:30 I was awoken by a really crampy type contraction & got so excited & scared all at the same time; to tell the truth I didn't even care that it hurt like hell I just wanted contractions like that to continue........BUT alas it was only one & it faded away after a few minutes. Why does Brayden have to tease his momma like that, I will have to talk to him about that when I see him!! Also, I had previously posted that I had my 38 week appointment this past Tuesday & there was no progress & that I was disappointed, well I thought yesterday that maybe something was happening because of some bloody tinged discharge but alas that must have just been from the internal that I had on Tuesday so that was tease #2 that I had yesterday & then to top off my night last night.....I have had the hemorrhoid issue pop up & let me just say I am so thrilled about this!! How the hell can I go 38 weeks with this not happening & then TA DA?? I am trying to hang in there but the anticipation is getting the best of me; I need to take a deep breathe & remember that this time I have with Brayden is special & I will never get to be this close to him ever again!!!