Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finally Getting Our Maternity Photos Done & Random Thoughts!!

Our good friend Jenn is finally going to come to the house & take some photos of Lance, Brayden (my belly) & I.....I am so excited that she is doing this for us & I just hope that they turn out the way that we plan for them too. I am not a photogenic person so we will just have to wait & see!

****In Other News****
I have the worst heartburn this morning.....I haven't had anything like this ever I don't think & all I can say is OUCH!!

Darlene is supposed to come in today & start training to cover for me while I am out.....but then again she was supposed to start training on Monday!! I am trying not to stress about it BUT she has no idea what she is doing & I really DO NOT want to come back to a complete disaster.

Lance has finally gotten back on BCBS & going to see his heart & lung doctor; he is supposed to go twice a year but didn't go at all last year so say a prayer that all the tests come back ALL GOOD. I am sure they will & am not to worried but I just love that man so much it is hard not no know??

I am really enjoying my nightly walks & am so happy that the weather always seem to clear up & cool off for me to be able to take the pups & Brayden each night. Since I have been walking the pups every night, Bella & Georgia have been doing so much better with the baby doll training. I am not sure if they are just tired after walking or they are actually becoming OK with the baby doll & the attention it is getting since momma is paying attention to them by means of the walks!! I sometimes wish they could just look at me & tell me what they are thinking!!

I am only 20 days away from my EDD & am like a kid in a candy store waiting for out little lovebug's arrival. I am so excited & ready to hold him in my arms. I am ready to see what features he gets from Lance & I. I am ready to see the man of my dreams hold the little angel that I have been holding for 9 months.....I have so much joy & love in my heart for Brayden & I haven't even meet him yet; I just can't imagine how full my heart will be once he is actually here!!!! I just want to scream I am so overjoyed & full of excitement!!