Friday, July 31, 2009

Brayden is Posterior or "Sunny Side Up"

& that is why he has not made his appearance yet!! I just got back from the doctor & am in tears of all the things that I was told today.....everything could go fine with my labor & delivery, we could check into the hospital on Sunday to begin with the cervadil or foley to ripen/open my cervix & then labor progresses normally & Brayden arrives as planned. BUT I could check in on Sunday & I go through the whole induction & vaginal labor process only to end up with a c-section. Because Brayden is facing the wrong way & because he has been in the head down ready position for so long I might not be able to get him to turn which means that labor could go 1 of 3 ways....

1. We induce & he turns on his own when labor progresses & everything is good
2. We induce & he doesn't turn but with extra help (vacuum, forceps, extra pushing time & pain) he is still delivered vaginally
3. We induce & because he is facing the wrong way he is not able to descend into the canal so we go through hours of labor & end with a c-section

I am getting ready to go down stairs, get on my ball & do the pelvic exercises that I have been instructed to do to try to get him to turn but how will I know if he has turned?? This sounds stupid but what if I just keep making him turn & turn & turn in there OR what if what the doctor said happens. There are so many what ifs that could happen that I am just scared & I know that Sunday is only 2 days away but the unknowing & uncertainty is going to drive me up the wall. At this point screw my birth plan I just want my son in my arms & healthy!

I feel helpless & lost & can't wait for Sunday night to get here!!