Friday, July 24, 2009

Finally......It Is Friday!!

I am so ready for this week to be over & to have 2 days to get rejuvenated; I would love to be in the hospital all weekend but I am not going to push Brayden since he is so "comfortable" in there as the doctor stated this past Tuesday. I did go into see the doctor yesterday; my belly was staying tight for 30 minutes at a time & this would happen about 30 minutes apart PLUS I wasn't feeling him moving as much throughout the morning & it scared me so I called them & they told me to come in & we could monitor him. Of course when I go there Brayden showed the doctors his active playful self & made him momma look crazy. I was having contractions but of course nothing timeable or consistent so we wait & see what happens & what they say at my next appointment this coming Tuesday.....MY EDD!! Lance wanted me to have them do an internal but what would the point have been?? I would just wait until Tuesday & hope that there is so kind of good news then.

Because the doctors have said that he is so "comfortable" my mom & dad decided to wait until next Thursday to head down in the hope that we will have something going on after my appointment on Tuesday. They were going to get here on Monday but I put it on my mom to decide if she really wanted to be here for his birth (which is my selfish choice) or use there 2 weeks here & spend them with Brayden after his birth. I think that they made the right choice to wait until we see when he is going to join the outside world, I want Brayden to have as much time with Grams & Puddy as they can since they don't live here & VA is a 8-9 hour drive that Lance & I won't be taking anytime soon. I am sad that my mom won't be in the delivery room with me but the time she & my dad will have with Brayden is better than the time they would spend with a grumpy mom pushing & breathing!!

Dear Brayden,

Mommy & Daddy are ready to meet you anytime that you are ready to meet us. I know that you are having a good time in my belly & I have been so very happy to have had all of this time to spend with you but I don't think that we should be selfish anymore....daddy really wants to hold you too & he is getting so anxious & kind of becoming a pain in mommy's booty about the whole thing.....SO if you could help me out & come soon I would really appreciate it very much. I promise that you will love it out here with your dad & I (& your sisters too, they don't look like you but you will love them non the less). We love you very much & hope to meet you very, very soon.

Love always,
Your Mom