Friday, July 17, 2009

Sometimes People Confuse Me!!

A little back ground first.....When I met Lance he worked with a guy named Justin & so of course as Lance & my relationship grew so did my friendship with Justin & his girl friend Meghan. We were always together, we did so much together UNTIL we had a falling out in October 2006 & we did talk to them for a while, we did start talking to them again in (I think) April of 2007 & we were actually closer than ever. They were such a huge part of our lives, they came to our wedding & again they were our "best friends". Well then we had yet another falling out in the summer of 2008; we were letting Justin stay at our house because his condo was getting finished & it was only about 5 miles from our house so it just made sense to let him stay with us for a month & a half so he could keep an eye on everything. Well it wasn't just Justin that was there it was his dog (Sooie, whom I love), Meghan & then of course she had her dog Rudy with her all the time...........SO we had Lance, me, our 2 dogs, Meghan, Justin & their 2 dogs at our house ALL THE TIME!!! After about a week I got frustrated & talked to Lance & asked him to please talk to Justin & see if he could stay with Megs at her apartment some of the nights during the week so I could rest, my life basically without having to entertain every night because they were there. He said he would but before he could Megs asked me what was going on with me & so I told her & that is when the shit hit the fan. Everything got blown way out of proportion & somehow it turned into "well Mitzi hates Justin & wants him to leave".....I never said that. I just needed my space, in our house & wanted to have my hubby to myself sometimes too....we were trying to have a baby you know & with people around ALL THE TIME it wasn't really working for us. Needless to say Justin & Meghan were no longer our friends & as much as I have missed them I was happy to just have it be Lance & I again.

Lance & I were talking about 3 months ago & he said that he felt like he needed to call Justin & tell him that he was sorry for the things he said when everything happened & I said OK. As much as I didn't want to open that door again at that point in our lives I will support Lance always. I know that Lance misses Justin & some of the things that were said between Lance & Justin were really harsh & down right evil, they had been friends for such a long time & he missed his friend. So they talked for about 5 minutes & Lance apologized for what he said & I think Justin did too & then Justin said that he would give Lance a call later that night & maybe we could all grab dinner soon.....well Justin never called & that really hurt Lance's feelings. He has such a big heart & we realized that Justin still had not grown up at all.

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday afternoon when I pull into our driveway & see that there is a box & a gift bag on our porch. I was on the phone with Lance so I told him that I would call him back after I got into the house & got settled! Well I get the stuff off of the porch & WOO HOO our new kitchen faucet is here...and then I open that card in the gift & it is from Meghan & Justin. Why now, why 11 days before I am due do they want to come back into our lives?? What has changed & what do they want?? Lance & I love them dearly & wish them the best but I want to concentrate on Brayden & his impending arrival & I really don't want to even deal with them right now.....does that make me a bad person???

Lance called Justin & said thank you from both of us & I sent Meghan an email telling her thank you because that was the right thing to do but do we now have to keep the lines of communication open with them?? The whole thing gives me a headache that I don't want right now!!

You know as I am typing this I realize how high school this whole thing sounds.....I can't deal with this today :(