Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Review....

We had a great weekend & the only thing that could have made it better was Brayden's arrival but it seems that the doctor was right last week & he is comfortable in my belly. We have our 40 week appointment tomorrow & I can only hope & pray that there has been some progress made otherwise I see an induction in my future.....we are saying our prayers that Brayden comes on his own though!!

Friday I left work a bit early since I had a headache & was basically over it. I ran to the grocery store & Sam's to get that shopping out of the way so that I could just stay in on Saturday & clean & hopefully get some rest. When I got home from my errands I laid down & was out right when my head hit the pillow. I slept for a good hour & felt so much better when I woke up so I took the pups for their walk & then we just waited for Lance to get home. He got home & he ate some dinner & then it was off to bed.....only to wake up at 4am & not be able to fall back to sleep.

I got up fed the pups, decided that it was too early to walk them so just curled up on the sofa with my blanket & tried to know being up that early really sucks, there is nothing to do except watch infomercials or read, which I did but all I wanted to do was clean but I couldn't since Lance was still sleeping. I just sat with the pups, read my book & waited for the sun to come up so that I could get Lance up for work....once 7am hit & I got him up the cleaning began....I was a mad woman all day in the house. I got so much done & even ran out to Walmart & Michael's to pick up some much needed scrap booking stuff & a few things for Lance as well. I finally sat down to relax for a bit at 4 but then had to get up & get in the shower so that I would be ready for my dinner date with a really hot & attractive man. Lance & I decided to go to dinner & it was so nice to get out just he & I since we won't have too many nights like that soon. He got home around 6 & brought me a was so sweet.

However sweet it was, the rose was forgotten & tears ran down my face when I went to put on my rings & couldn't get them over my knuckle....not even with the little bit of force that had worked in the past few weeks. I have been swelling up a bit more lately but have still managed to wear my beautiful engagement & wedding rings.....I was sad to not be able to wear them & still today (2 days later) almost cry when I look down at me ring finger & see them not there.

We then went to dinner at Provino's & I again tried the Eggplant Parmesan old wives tale......IT DIDN'T WORK!! But dinner was nice & then we got home, i took the pups for another walk & then I was out by about 10.

Sunday morning we were up & doing stuff around the house & in the yard around 6:30.....I promise I didn't wake Lance up he got up on his own :) We watered the yard, pooped scooped & sat on the back porch & talked until around 9 & then got dressed & ran our errands. We dropped Bella & Georgia off for their day of beauty, ate breakfast & then had to run to Home Depot & Lowes. Lance loves both of these stores & I swear he could walk around in them all day if I let him. We got a storm door for the front door & also a new sink for the kitchen at Home Depot & then ran to Lowes to price a new door for the back door; we want to get rid of the storm door we have on the back door & replace it with just the heavy duty door & have the doggies door in it so that way the girls can go in & out at any time with out me having to get up & open it for them (we don't feel comfortable leaving the big door open & just having the storm door we are going to remedy that ASAP!!) We are getting all of this stuff done now because my dad will be here to help Lance do it as of next Monday.

My mom & dad decided to wait until Monday, August 3rd to drive down from VA; they might miss Brayden's birth but this way they will (hopefully) have 2 whole weeks with him. I wanted to be selfish & tell them to just leave today & come so that I could have my mom with me in the delivery room but I guess I have be a good mom for Brayden & let him have his 2 weeks with his Puddy & Grams; I want to make sure that Brayden has as much time with my parents as possible since they live 9 hours away & we can't just jump in the car & visit at any time.

I took some new pictures of Lance & the puppies yesterday too.......enjoy! Georgia & Bella were & will always be our first babies & we just can't wait to meet Baby Brayden......they are going to love him soooo much!

Here are our 2 girls cuddled up together...

Bella & her daddy....her lip gets stuck like that all the time & we think it is the cutest thing ever.

Bella & her daddy....

Bella LOVES beer & always stares at Lance's when he is drinking it.

Georgia Love Goodson.....need I say anything else??

Georgia was our first puppy & she has been a daddy's girl since day 1.

Such a sweet BIG baby; I can just see Lance holding the baby while Georgia is laying on his lap.....I can't wait!