Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still Here & Still Waiting.....

I am OK with it more & more as the time passes (I am trying to convince myself of this, can you tell?). Of course I would prefer that he comes on his own & that we avoid all of those yucky drugs that they will have to use to induce next week....& it could happen, we still have 4.5 days until we go to the hospital Monday night. I am keeping my fingers crossed but trying NOT to get my hopes up. We have an appointment tomorrow to check & see if I have dilated at all; if I have they can at least strip my membranes & see if that gets things going before the weekend gets started. all I can say is we shall see what happens & hopefully God has heard all of my prayers & maybe a miracle will happen!!

We do have a poll going on here at work & my boss did pick today & he has been right on twice before so I am just hoping & praying that he is again this time!!! I am working half a day today & then heading home to rest & relax for whatever that means. I did have a good day off yesterday but I didn't really sit down & relax much; that is a hard thing for me to do. But it was nice to go have lunch with Lance & then got home & did some cooking & baking which was very calming & at least took my mind off of the waiting!!

I am not sure what I will do this afternoon but I do know that I need to clean our floors & clean the bathrooms so I guess after that I will do some scrap booking.....that always puts a smile on my face!!