Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Review....

Well since I am blogging this early I guess everyone can assume that I did not have our LO this weekend like I had hoped & I am alright with that. We had a wonderful weekend & we are attempting to be patient & await Brayden's arrival (as hard as it waiting is). Friday came & went with not to much to report. I worked all day & then when I got home took the pups for a walk & awaited Lance arrival home. I have this overwhelming need to be close to him; I need to be as physically close to him as I can. It is a very strange feeling that I have been having for a few weeks now & I just tank God that he is so understanding & loving because every time he just gets up to leave the room I jump up to ask "where are you going?" or "what are you doing?" & when I do this he just looks at me with his loving eyes & says everything is OK & he will be right back!! This pregnancy has really made me appreciate how wonderful my hubby is; not that I didn't before but I have just seen a different side of Lance & it is amazing!

Saturday I ran errands & got my nails & toes done & then when & walked around Kohl's to see what they had on sale....more so just to walk but also to see what they had sale wise for Lance. After I walked around for a few hours I went home & finished up some cleaning & then laid down for a nap before I had to jump in the shower to get ready for my date with Lance. I didn't sleep really well but at least I rested for a good hour. We went to the mall & walked around for a while & then we went to Target so that I could get my birthing ball & a few other things & then it was off to dinner at Provino's..........they have the best Eggplant Parmesan that I have had in a long time. And yes I ate it before I was pregnant but now that I am so close I thought why the hell not...maybe it would work on getting Brayden out! I packed up half of my eggplant (the portion sizes are HUGE) & then decided that I wanted some dessert so I had the biggest piece of strawberry cheese cake & it was so delicious. I have been trying to lay off of the sweets but I am so happy that I indulged that night!! After dinner we went home & I fell asleep on the sofa & woke up about 1 & was really confused.

I guess that when I fell asleep on the sofa Lance just decided to let me sleep because the whole family was out there. Georgia & Bella were all curled up with me & he was on the opposite end of the sofa snoring was so sweet of him to let me sleep & to stay out there with me; even though I know he doesn't sleep well out there. Anyway i got up to pee of course & then tried to lay back down but I just couldn't get back to sleep for all that long. At about 3:30 Lance got up to pee & get a some water so I told him to go into the bedroom & get some "good" sleep. I could tell that he hadn't slept well through out the night & he was so happy to be in our bed. I tucked him in & went to get all curled up on the sofa with the pups again. I turned on the TV but there really isn't much on, on Sunday mornings at 3:45 in the morning so I watched our Big Brother (Lance's & my guilty reality TV pleasure) Afterdark episodes that had been recording on the DVR. Lance got up around 9 & we took the pups to Petsmart to get all pretty & then stopped at Atlanta Bread Company for breakfast.....we shared a fresh fruit bowl & I had an Asiago Cheese bagel with veggie cream cheese & a decaf Vanilla Bean coffee & Lance had OJ & a plain bagel w/strawberry cream cheese. We sat outside & enjoyed the beautiful morning weather.

We went back home to shower & then his mom came over & we went shopping. I really just wanted to walk & walk & walk & then walk some more & that is exactly what we did until we got hungry about 1:30 & then we ate at Red Lobster. I had the yummiest Crab Cakes & couldn't have been happier :) We then had to go pick up the pups & head home. After Lance's mom left the house I took Bella for a walk & then got back to the house & rested & we watched "Push" (Dakota Fanning has really grown up) on pay preview....not a bad movie, I think. I dosed off at the end but thank God for DVR because we recorded the movie & I can go back & watch what I missed. after the movie it was Big Brother time & then we walked the dogs at about 9. I can't believe how awesome the weather was this weekend the early mornings & evenings were actually cool & perfect for walking.

After our walk it was off to bed; but not before our nightly prayers & talks of how we hope to be awake in just a short few hours because of my labor pains......alas labor did not begin & I am here at work. We can hope & pray for Brayden's arrival all we want but only God really knows when he will be here so we are just going to try to be as patient as possible!! Lance is off today (which would have been perfect for us having to head to labor & delivery in the early AM hours..hehehe) though so it was really hard to get out of bed & leave the house but I did it & now I am here & can't stop thinking about how I want to be at home.......tell me again why I didn't take time off before my due date. Oh yeah, because the weeks of maternity leave that I wanted to take off aren't paid!!